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Did you know there are more than 350 varieties of apple cultivated in the U.S.? Here in our Putnam County Orchard, Salinger’s grows eighteen of the finest. The harvest times are different for each, but we offer most varieties fresh all year long with our unique Crispe-aire storage.

What are you making? Pie? Strudel? Butternut squash and apple soup? Or are you looking for something crisp and juicy to eat raw? From Golden Delicious- a favorite for baking, to the unusual Crispin (Mutsu), a green apple that’s sweet and firm- not tart – there is an apple just right for your needs. Listed in the chart below are the harvest times, and what each of our apples are best suited for.  After you check out the chart below, we recommend you stop by our farm market and try some of each.

Apple varieties, uses, and approximate picking dates








PAULA RED Aug 25 Mild-Aromatic-White Very Good Good Very Good Good
JONAMAC Sept 1 Tart-Firm Very Good Fair Very Good Good
GINGERGOLD Sept 1 Crisp-Sweet Excellent Good Very Good Very Good
McINTOSH Sept 5 Juicy-Tart-Tender Excellent Fair Very Good Good
GALA Sept 5 Sweet-Juicy-Firm Excellent Fair Very Good Fair
CORTLAND Sept 15 Mild-White-Tender Excellent Good Excellent Very Good
MACOUN Sept 20 Mild-Crisp-Firm Excellent Poor Good Poor
EMPIRE Sept 25 Mild-Firm Excellent Poor Good Poor
RED DELICIOUS Oct 10 Sweet-Mellow Excellent Poor Fair Poor
MUTSU/CRISPIN Oct 15 Sweet-Firm Excellent Very Good Good Very Good
JONAGOLD Oct 15 Sweet-Tender Excellent Good Very Good Very Good
NORTHERN SPY Oct 18 Tangy-Tender Good Very Good Poor Excellent
GOLDEN DELICIOUS Oct 20 Sweet-Semi Firm Excellent Very Good Good Very Good
WINESAP Oct 20 Tart-Firm Good Good Good Very Good
FUJI Oct 22 Sweet-Firm Excellent Fair Very Good Fair
IDA RED Oct 25 Tangy-Firm Very Good Good Very Good Excellent
BRAEBURN Oct 26 Slightly Tart-Firm Excellent Fair Very Good Good
GRANNY SMITH Oct 30 Tart-Firm Good Good Good Excellent


Bruce Salinger has made a commitment to grow premium grade fruit for his customers.  We store and handle the fruit with optimum care and only market the best of the crop for you.  This is not a PYO orchard.